Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday on Good Friday

The Good Looking One and I went down to the Abbey of the Genesee (the home of Monks' Bread), a Trappist monastery south of Rochester, for the Good Friday service.

The chapel part for non-monks is small, and always packed, so we got there early. And, yes, we did go into the gift shop before it closed, purchasing some bread, and two books (gotta get rid of 4 books now!).

The service was lovely, deeply moving. The sounds of chant, the obvious devotion not only of the monks but of the people gathered (including children), the stone and wood of the chapel, all helped to make for a spiritually moving service.

After feeling let down by my laxity during Lent, Friday gave me the spiritual jolt I needed.

Thank you, Lord.

I even got inspired by one of the monks to scribble a slugku. The monk, a more senior fellow who was obviously having a hard time getting about, prior to the service was prone to vocalizing.

a slug among weeds
listened to a mumbling monk
disavow silence

Pax et bonum

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