Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Two Found Poems

My wife was cleaning out some old papers in her closet. Among those papers she found a notepad with a couple of haiku I'd written at some point.

fallen leaves
on elderly neighbor's lawn -
an estate sale sign

Indian summer -
neighbors nod as they rush through
season's last mowing

I don't know if I scribbled them then just forgot about them, or if I thought they were not that good and planned to come back to them later, but they got swept up with other papers.

Whatever the case, here they are.

Pax et bonum

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Works of Mercy

Pax et bonum

A debate over the Franciscan Action Network (FAN)

On the Secular Franciscan Order Facebook page there has been some debate over the Franciscan Action Network, with concerns about its actions and its seeming political partisanship, and over the order providing it with funding.

I posted the following to help with the discussion:

Some recent posts and comments about the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) suggest that we really do need to have a frank discussion about that group and support for it by the order.

FAN does deal with issues that are of concern to Franciscans as a whole - particularly the environment and immigrants lately, but also the plight of the poor. FAN is not afraid to make public witness when it comes to these issues - again, that is something that is perfectly in keeping with being Franciscans.

But, there are many in the order who have concern that FAN focusses almost exclusively on those particular issues, essentially ignoring other important issues, ones that some feel are of more immediate importance and are more directly life-threatening. Moreover, the positions taken lately by FAN give the appearance of being extremely partisan politically.

I have heard of Secular Franciscans who have refused or considered not paying their Fair Share in part because funding goes to FAN. I had a conversation with a member of a Fraternity who said some of its members have become so upset they have suggested breaking away from the Order. I don't know how widespread such talk is, but it is troubling.

I suggest:
- A frank, objective discussion of FAN and what it does so we have facts (a discussion, and not just a statement from the National);
- If the concerns linger. that officials from the National have a clear discussion with FAN about what is acceptable and what is not;
- If the concerns are legitimate that FAN make some changes;
- If those changes are not made and the current pattern continues that the Order cut funding for FAN.

Thoughts? Please, keep the discussion factual and objective, and voice them with Franciscan charity.

Pax et bonum

Climate change winterfest

Related image

at the winterfest
snowshoeing through mud puddles -
climate change foe frowns

Pax et bonum

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Cancelled speaker

Image result for speaker cancelled after protests

the cancelled speaker
simply shakes her head as she
watches snowflakes melt

Pax et bonum