Saturday, April 24, 2010

Now I am a Novice

Last night I was officially accepted as a Candidate (Novice) with the Secular Franciscan Order.

I knew it was coming, but I had not known it would be last night.

I arrived for the meeting of the Glory of the Most High Fraternity when I was told it would take place. I was asked if I wanted to take this next step. I said yes, though in my heart I wondered if I was worthy, if I was living the Franciscan vocation well enough in my daily life, if I was truly being a person of prayer and penance.

We had a brief ceremony, with Scripture readings, and then I was presented with a Tau Cross to wear and a copy of The Rule.

I will be a Candidate for the next 18 to 36 months now, after which I will be able to profess.

It is wonderful - joyful - frightening - because of all that it entails.

This is not just joining a club.

This is not just a social activity.

When I profess, this will be a commitment to a Gospel way of life in a Catholic Order. This is a vocation. This is life-long. In all that I do and say I will be a witness for the Church, for Franciscans.

Father, be with me. Give me the strength I need.

Pax et bonum


Tom, S.F.O. said...


Congratulations. Very best wishes as you begin your Franciscan journey. God Bless. Peace and all that is good!

Tom S.F.O.

Lee Strong said...

The amazing thing is I attended my first fraternity meeting 20 months ago and haven't missed a meeting since! One great thing about this process is I'm learning patience - a lesson I needed to learn.

Do Not Be Anxious said...

Today was a day of unique blessings. Looking at blogs I follow, the top two notes were your announcement, and another announcing he was now a Capuchin novice, and looking forward to putting OFM, Cap after his name.

We have no need to worry about the state of our church; God is putting great men in His service. May He be praised forever for His wonderful love, mercy -- and great choices in associates. :-)

Congratulations, prayers, and blessings.

KAM said...

Congratulations are in order! These next months will be really great, believe me. I learned so much about Francis, the Church, Franciscans and just as important, myself during this time. Wear your cross with great humility and humbleness. At times it may feel heavy, but it will always carry you. Peace!