Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wearing the Tau

After posting previously about wearing my Tau necklace in public - a sign of my membership in the Secular Franciscan Order (albeit, just as a candidate at this point) - I have been trying to wear my cross when I can (and when I remember!)

At work, where I can't wear it in the open, I wear it under my shirt or sweater.

Outside of work, I try to keep it out in view.

It's a public witness. So far, though, no one has asked or said anything. I have seen a few eyes stray to the cross, but that's about it. Maybe its mere presence is enough.

But this morning I discovered another purpose.

I stopped at a coffee shop after morning Mass to pick up coffees and treats for my wife and me. I was wearing my cross.

As I turned to leave, I spotted an attractive young women at a table. Being a normal male, I glanced at her.

She looked at me. I got the impression she was looking at my cross. (I'm an overweight middle-aged guy, after all.)

My glance was quick and harmless - not a stare or an ogle - but the thought occurred to me as I walked to my car: I was in my actions a public witness, and in wearing the tau, I was a public representative of the SFOs.

I thought of priests and how careful they have to be in all they do and say in public.

Maybe this will help me to remember that all my actions, gestures, and words send a message to others.

Pax et bonum


Do Not Be Anxious said...

What a great insight. Perhaps we all should begin wearing a visible sign our our person, both to put a curb on our actions, AND to invite others to imitate them.

KAM said...

When we say "yes" to God, everything changes. In observing myself, in after professing and receiving the Tau, the Cross, I still felt the same, just the excitment of finally having the formation classes over. But God has plans for us all, we just have to listen, as you are listening now. Years ago your actions may have been different. I know mine were. The Tau helps keep us anchored to Our Lord and what he did for us. As usual, a great post. k