Sunday, June 13, 2010


My formation session on Friday dealt with prayer.

I had to admit that lately my prayer life has become uneven.

On good days, my daily prayers include Mass, a rosary, some Bible reading, some spiritual reading, Night Prayers, and assorted short spontaneous prayers of praise, joy and supplication.

Sounds good - though there certainly could be and should be more if I am going to grow spiritually.

Alas, there have been too many days - especially of late - that have not been "good days."

Too tired, too stressed, too busy with end-of-the-school year business.

Of course, when I am tired and stressed, that's precisely when I need prayer.

I'm not beating myself up, but I do have to get back up to speed spiritually and have more "good days."

Maybe even some "better days!"

Pax et bonum


KAM said...

The secular world has a tremendous pull on our lives, and the days we label as 'too stressed, too busy' are just one of the many ways satan pulls us away from prayer, and ultimately, from Him. We just have to stay focused and let our prayer life slowly take over our "worldly life" until our prayer life becomes a seamless blend with the secular world. Sounds easy, right? Not! We are challenged every step of the way. But boy oh boy, if you can start your day with Mass your ahead of the game. My only suggestion, (and its not really a suggestion,) is maybe try to start the day with Morning Prayer. After praising God for bringing me through the night I always feel better when starting the day with those formalized prayers of the Church. Good days will come, I'm searching for mine myself. Peace! k

Lee Strong said...

Thanks. I got to morning Mass today - and spent a half hour in the perpetual adoration chapel for a half hour before Mass and got in a rosary.

Ah, the joy of being on Summer break!