Saturday, February 5, 2011

Formation Nearing End?

I am currently studying the materials for two of the final three sessions linked with Candidacy. We will be talking about those two sections next week.

After that, there's just one more session.

And then? I don't know. Will there be a profession ceremony for the two local Fraternities this summer? Will the Fraternity feel that I am indeed ready? Do I?

The Session 10 materials have got me thinking. They focus on "Public Profession."

The materials point out that profession is more than a matter of personal piety. It is a public commitment to witness the Franciscan way of life.

I certainly continually fall short when it comes to that way of life. I'm contentious, prone to sharp word and judgement, self-indulgent. My prayer life continues to be spotty, inconsistent.

Is this what a professed Franciscan should be like?

Would someone meeting me recognize me as a Franciscan?

Of course, even professing is not an end. It's part of the ongoing process of growth. A professed Franciscan must continue to study and pray and grow.

No resting on one's brown robe!

I renew my commitment to continue growing.

Daily prayer. Daily Scripture reading. Spiritual reading. Taking care that every word, every look, every action is guided by Christ's love.

Maybe I will eventually be worthy of being called a Franciscan.

Pax et bonum


kam said...

Where to start... "Is this what a professed Franciscan should be like?" I guess the first answer is no, of course not! But... we are imperfect, and, to take it further, we are the lowest of lows. I will be professed 3 years this coming October, and together with the 2 1/2 years in formation, 5.5 years. In my opinion, not enough time to even understand what the true commitment means. We hear so many discriptions during formation, "We are on a journey," "the road becomes narrower," and the hardest one, for sure, "Gospel to life, life to Gospel." I have found that there are many different degrees of Franciscanism, no matter if your a priest, nun, brother, whatever. We are each on our own solitary road to God, and it is never easy. Whether you are ready for the next step only you know in your heart, in your soul of souls. It sounds like you are taking all the necessary steps. Let these steps, these actions seep into your bones, to really become a part of you. It doesn't happen overnight, but it will happen. And if possible, Mass every day. Peace to you, brother on your solitary journey. k

Do Not Be Anxious said...

A Simple House in Washington DC is a charity run by a group of men who choose to live the life of Francis. I'm not sure of the value of the profession. I see them living the life, just as I see it in some, like the Friars of the Renewal in New York. Commitment is in the heart; actions speak to its reality.