Saturday, August 20, 2011


Over the years I have written several blogs - including a couple of group ones.

One of the blogs, my first one, was my main one. That one had more than 2,000 posts stretching back over six years. It included poetry, stories, silliness, music videos, and more. The "more" included views on politics and social issues - sometimes strong views.

I was hired this summer to teach at a school where the students are computer savvy, so I knew it was only a matter of time before they found the blog. I changed some things about it, but I and it could still be found online. So, after talking with my new principal, I retired that blog, and basically blocked it. I have kept the posts there only because there are some that I want to save - but I don't have time before the school year begins to go through more than 2000 to save the ones worth saving. I'm hoping all the things I've done to hide it and block it will be enough to prevent student access.

Then there's this blog.

It's less well known. It's harder to find. My name is not on it. And in this one I don't get into the political/social discussions I did on my other bog. The principal said that the group blogs - one devoted to Chesterton, for example, or one for my Secular Franciscan group, should be no problem. I'm hoping that's the case with this one.

And perhaps it is for the best. I tend to be a contentious person, and sometimes my views are not expressed in the most Franciscan-like ways. Plus, that blog was sometimes a way to show off or even to attack and goad others. Maybe God is using this to help me move away from such things - online, and in daily life.

For now, I will continue to post here on spiritual matters, especially ones focusing on my journey as a Franciscan.

Pax et bonum


Ben Anderson said...

wow, I'm surprised by your principal's opinion on your other blog. You mean you're an actual person with actual ideas and opinions (none of which should be all that controversial for a Catholic)?

A Secular Franciscan said...

Actually, teachers have been suspended or fired - not at this school, but in other places - for things they have posted on blogs, Facebook, etc. And not all of my views were expressed in the most positive way at the other blog. Some of them were very political - I once worked for a presidential campaign locally!

Having been a reporter, I'm used to this. I've had to keep my views discrete in the past - that's one reason why I could not take part in pro-life protests for many years.

The principal was not rude or dictatorial about it - in fact, I went to him to raise the issue.