Sunday, May 19, 2013

Impeach Obama? Not likely for now

The day after the 1972 election, I trudged downstairs. I was 17, and had spent months involved with the Presidential campaign - thought I'd known since September of that year that Nixon was going to win. The Demicans had put up a flawed candidate in 1972, much as the Republocrats did last fall.

Anyway, that post-election morning my father was sitting at the table. He said something comforting - he was a Nixon supporter, by the way. I responded that Nixon would not last through his term.

I was certain of that. I was aware of the investigations going on at The Washington Post. Some of the people at the local McGovern headquarters had contacts close to that investigation. I was certain that Nixon would be implicated. It was just a matter of time.

I had a gut feeling.

Some folks are talking now about the impeachment of Obama because of all the recent scandals. Someone even cited a poll that allegedly says more than 50 percent of the people polled think he should be impeached. (I haven't seen the poll, so I can't confirm it.)

Of course, the majority of the voters last fall reelected him, so I think the judgment of the "people" is questionable.

Having lived through the Nixon nightmare, and the Clinton nonsense, I don't think it likely.

I don't have a gut feeling it will happen.

I don't see enough criminal activity to lead to impeachment. There may be some charges against some people in the Obama administration, but not of the same level as in 1972. And so far I've seen nothing linking Obama to illegal activities. And some of his loyal followers will probably be willing to fall on their swords for him.

I think he and some other people are guilty of negligence and misguided policies - but that';s not criminal, and does not merit impeachment.

The voters had their chance last November. They  - including a majority of Catholics, I'm - chose to ignore the facts that were out there and reelected him.

We are stuck with him.

Of course, all of these scandals may cripple his administration and prevent him from doing more harm on a number of fronts (particularly ones relating to life issues). It may lead to the Republocrats making gains in the House and the Senate in 2014, making it harder for Obama to get things through.

On the other hand, it's so early in the term, and the Republocrats are so good at overplaying their hand, Obama may recover.

We just need to keep fighting his abortion policies, the HHS mandate, his attacks on religious liberty, his support for homosexual so-called marriage, embryonic stem cell research and more.

Now is not the time to rest.

As for impeachment talk, it's like the Powerball jackpot. Fun to dream about, but we have to wake up and go to work tomorrow.

Pax et bonum

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