Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

Amidst all the heavy duty reading and grading I've been doing, I took on some lighter fare.

Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson (with Mark Schlabach).

It's your basic I'm-suddenly-famous-so-I turned-out-a-book-to-make-money book.

That's not necessarily bad. Nor is the book bad.

Robertson is the bountifully bearded pater familias of the Duck Dynasty gang. In this "autobiography," he tells how he rose from poverty to playing college football, teaching, marrying young and fathering four sons, creating the Duck Commander company, and making a fortune. He worked hard. He earned the money. And with this book, the merchandising, the hit television show, he continues to make money.

He had his struggles with alcohol, and he's not afraid to discuss his failings. But he found faith and now is a devoutly religious man - something he's passed on to his children. He genuinely cares about his wife and family, and it's pretty clear they are all close. 

You come away from the book liking the guy.

And I liked the book. Great literature? No. But a quick, enjoyable, and informative read.

Plus ... I like the beard.

Pax et bonum

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