Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas books and gifts

The Christmas haul included a new hat, a framed picture of two of my daughters visiting me at the mall (ho! Ho! Ho!), a couple of nice Santa figurines, and two books. Oh, and a bottle of Scottish Ale.

The Santas join the hundreds of Santa items I have. If you're gonna have a collection, make it an interesting one! I'll  have to count how many I actually have at some point.

The books include a Santa one as well: Better Homes and Gardens Santa Claus Collection (volume 1).  I've skimmed though it - some nice images, and the text looks informative.

The other book is O, What a Luxury: Verses Lyrical, Vulgar, Pathetic & Profound by Garrison Keillor. I'm not a big fan of his poetry, but there are some amusing ones in this collection of poems that include a number that he read on A Prairie Home Companion. I'll go through it more carefully later.

A related gift - a gift certificate for the Catholic shop. Might be a book or two coming out of that!

I also scribbled a slug:

a slug among weeds
will happily imbibe a
cup of spiked eggnog

Mmmmm. I'll imbibe that later.

Pax et bonum

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