Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ancestry - I'm Irish

So here I've been clinging to my Scottish roots, a map of Scotland in my classroom, and my heart lamenting the recent vote - and it turns out I'm not really Scottish.

Yes, my mother came from there, but the family stories did acknowledge that ancestors had once lived in Ireland, with the implication was that they had traveled from Scotland to the Emerald Isle a few generations earlier and had simply returned to the mother country a generation or two before my mother graced the world.

Alas, it appears I'm not significantly Scottish, at least not according to DNA.

Meanwhile, the story on my father's side was that a great grandfather had been named McCarthy, but had been adopted and taken on the current family name from his adoptive parent - thus I knew there was some Irish there. Meanwhile, dad's mom was always described  as being of German/Dutch ancestry, with maybe some English.

I just got the results of a DNA test. The breakdown:

Ireland - 56 %
Scandinavia - 16 %
Great Britain - 10 %
Iberian Peninsula - 8 %
Western Europe - 5 %
A few odd traces - 3 %

So ... clearly Irish. I had guessed that before, and the 56 % figure is no surprise. Scandinavian? Maybe a bit of Viking mixed in - explains my fondness for Beowulf. And Mead. Great Britain apparently includes Scottish and English and Welsh - but I thought there would be more Scottish, or even some direct indication there is some Scottish in me. Only 10 % is below what I'd thought. But Iberian Peninsula - where did that come from? Spanish or Portuguese (or, given my separtist ways, Basque)? And the Western Europe could be a bit of Dutch or German.


Makes one think.

Pax et bonum

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