Monday, September 7, 2015

Must have been something I said

I've been blocked by another person on Twitter.

This time by a local conservative radio talk show host.

Last week, that host made an on-air comment about Pope Francis and the issue of refugees. The fellow in question is a Mormon, and is not always accurate when he talks about the Catholic Church, as was the case here. Sometimes the comments are based on common misconceptions and misinformation, and even ignorance. I'd step into the same trap if I tried to comment on Mormonism.

I called his show, then wrote to offer some information to help dispel his misinformation. He then in response made a crack about Pope Pius and the Jews. The old myth of Catholic inaction during the Holocaust, a myth begun by the Soviets and their fellow travelers to try to undermine the Church, and then promulgated by a willing media.

I responded.

He ignored me.

I sent more information.

He ignored me.

I sent links to sources.

He ignored me.

I also sent more information about Pope Francis and Middle Eastern refugees.

He ignored me.

Then Pope Francis called for Catholic parishes and institutions and parishes - including Vatican ones - to take in refugee, completely refuting his original point. I sent him a link to the news.

He blocked me.

Now, I had been polite, but my repeated responses may have begun to annoy him. I'll acknowledge that I am at heart a long-distance runner. In chess, in war games, in debates, I plod on and on and on, gradually wearing down my opponents, or driving them from the field.

Of course, it could also be that he realized that maybe he was wrong, and he did not want to admit it or be reminded about it.

Whatever the case, he fled the field. He blocked me.

I am always looking at my style of arguing to see if I'm being unfair or sarcastic and superior  or if my style is ultimately counterproductive. After all, if I so annoy people they shut me out that reduces the chances that they might have their eyes and hearts opened. As a Franciscan I constantly try to evaluate if I've been too violent or unloving in what I do and say.

I'm getting better, but I am not where I need to be.

But as for now, I'm blocked.

Good thing I believe in the power of prayer. If I can't reach him, maybe God will.

Pax et bonum

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