Saturday, January 30, 2016

What Would Jesus Do? Well ...

Back in the 1990s, the "What Would Jesus Do?" fad sprang up in Christian circles. Many people, particularly young folks, wore wristbands with WWJD? on them.

The question then - and now - is a valid one. What would Jesus do when it came to the poor, immigrants, the sick, the inmates, drug addicts, the unborn, the elderly? What would Jesus do when it came to charitable giving, and social and government polices?

That's all fine with me. I think we need to ask that question, and then carry out as best we can what Jesus would do.

But some people also used the saying as a way to water down moral and ethical teachings. They turned it into a phrase to help justify accepting, or at least not challenging, things the culture had begun to accept, and to turn Jesus in a "nice" smiling guy who forgave and accepted almost anyone and anything, and who would just go along.

What those people forgot is that Jesus did some other things that did not follow the "go along" mantra.

Jesus was not afraid to call the Scribes and Pharisees "hypocrites" when they deserved it.

Jesus cursed the fig tree that did not bear fruit, and it died.

Jesus confronted those who were desecrating the Temple, overturning tables and driving out people with a whip.

He told parables about the rich man neglecting the poor and going to hell, the bridesmaids who were unprepared and got locked out of the wedding, the man who showed up for the feast not wearing the right robes and getting tossed out into the night.

So ... what would Jesus do, for example, when it comes to those who support, or at least turn their heads, when it comes to policies that undermine the sanctity of life and marriage? What would He do when it comes to those who promote harsh treatment and even hatred for immigrants and Muslims and religious people sincerely trying to act based on their beliefs? What would He do when faced with those who put profits above people and politics above principles?


Pax et bonum

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