Monday, October 26, 2009

Formation thoughts

Last night (October 23) was not a formation night. I was back with the main group talking about some writings of St. Francis.

We also heard some sharing about formation - and the length of the process for some people. Six or seven years. I remember thinking that if that's how long it will take for me, then maybe God wants me to learn patience.

But at the end of the meeting, the formation director said that he was hoping to move me along quickly - perhaps two years.

I will do whatever I'm asked to do.

I was also asked about ending my View from the Choir blog.

Publicly I have for now. But I hope to keep writing posts that are more reflective, more spiritual in nature. More of an online spiritual diary. I might publish these posts some day. Or I might start another private blog - such as this one. I may simply keep the posts here. I don't know yet.

But I do know I want to move away from the public issue debates - along with their temptations to argue and to get angry.

Pax et bonum

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lee.