Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Falling short

I was told of a 6:25 daily Mass at a nearby parish. The parish is on my way to work, which made it convenient and easy.

Well, not so easy.

I went almost daily for a while, but lately I've found myself not getting ready in time to make it.

One of the issues is the internet.

I was blogging, commenting, and reading so much in the morning that I would run late. I began to wonder if I was putting blogging above the chance to worship and pray.

So I stopped my main blog for now. (That was one of the reasons, anyway).

Yet I still keep on missing.

Some mornings it's okay. Monday, I simply overslept. My body must have needed sleep.

Yesterday, I was working on a worksheet for school. Okay.

But too many mornings it's because I'm reading blogs, writing comments, wasting time still.

I'm not required to go to daily Mass, but it's good for my soul.

As for today ... I will post this, eat, and get in the shower. I WILL make it to Mass.

Pax et bonum

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