Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints

Today is the Feast of All Saints.

I think today not just of the ones officially recognized by the Church, but of ALL Saints.

I have been lucking enough to have known some people I consider saints. They inspired me, just as some of the recognized saints inspired me.

St. Francis is naturally one of the official saints. So is St. Clare. I hope some day Father Solanus Casey, Dorothy Day and G.K Chesterton (among others) will be similarly recognized. But even if they are not, they have all affected my life in some way through their writings and stories.

I think of Bishop Dennis Hickey, Sylvia Kostin, and Theresa Sanders, all of fond memory, and Father Tony Mugavero as among the saints I have actually met. I think of so many people I have met through the Secular Franciscans, and at church (such as some of the daily Mass crew), who also seem saintly. I'm sure I have encountered many more who are also saints, but whom I simply did not recognize.

Thank you Lord for sending so many good examples my way.

Pax et bonum

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