Saturday, November 14, 2009

No formation formation

I got a call before our Secular Franciscan meeting from our formation director.

Last night's meeting was to focus on election of the fraternity officers. He explained that that process would occupy the entire meeting, and there would be no formation. He said that I did not have to come if I did not want to as I would have no vote. I said I wanted to be there anyway.

At the meeting, as a non-voting member (and non-candidate) I was able to help with distributing, collecting and counting of the ballots. All the current officers were reelected to their posts, as expected. And as the formation director predicted, the voting took up the entire meeting.

But in thinking about it, even though I did not have a formal formation session, I really did have formation.

I learned a bit more about the Secular Franciscans by watching the voting process - a process full of prayer. In assisting with the election, I was serving the entire community, learning a bit more about service. And in having the formal formation session put off until next month, I received another lesson in patience, something I sorely need.

So I experienced formation, just not the formation experience I expected.

Isn't that the way the Lord often works?

Pax et bonum

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