Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still Seeking a Spiritual Director

One of the recommendations in the packet I'm reading for formation is: Choose a personal spiritual director.

Finding a spiritual director is something that's been on my mind for a long time - long before I joined the Franciscans. I've asked a few priests. I met with one, but we did not click. The others did not feel they were qualified or in a position to be my spiritual director.

One of the priests kindly recommended a woman who is a spiritual director. I met with her, and she suggested that I read a particular book as a way to begin - and to see if she was a good fit for me. Alas, the book did not suit me. Nothing wrong with it or her, but at that point it did not meet my needs.

So I have no one. But I do feel the need for a director.

I am too undisciplined, too headstrong. I need someone to keep me in check, to point me in the right direction when I start to go off on my own. I need someone who is not afraid to give me a good swift kick when I need one! (Okay, maybe that wouldn't be the Franciscan way!)

I haven't sought a director since reading the requirement. I plan to ask the formation director for some recommendations. Maybe he knows someone who is in tune with the Franciscan path, and who is available. If he does not, then I will have to step up my search.

Pax et bonum

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