Saturday, December 12, 2009

Formation update

I continued formation at last night's meeting. We talked about those I consider "lepers" (see my November 13 entry) and my halting quest for a spiritual director.

My formation director was not able to help direct me to a potential director. We both lamented the fact that there are no Franciscans about - it will be nice if they would return to the diocese at some point to set up a house.

He did say it was possible to have a director with who one chatted by phone - or even e-mail.

Now there's a thought. I read the blogs of a few Franciscan priests. One of them, perhaps? Or contacting someone like the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal?

I pointed out that I do need a director to help keep me from wandering off in to treacherous theological waters, as I have in the past (one of the reasons why I could not pursue the diaconate, in fact), and to keep me honest. I am too good at saying what people want to hear (my dad was a great insurance salesman!) I need a director who is knowledgeable, not easily fooled, and firm: One who is not afraid to give me a good, swift spiritual kick.

As for formation, by January I will have complete all the material in the Period of Inquiry. That means I might become an official Candidate in January or February. Alleluia!

Pax et bonum

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