Saturday, January 23, 2010

Formation - another step

Last night we completed the material for the Inquiry Phase of formation. The next step is the "Admission of Candidates" - in my case, the "Candidate" since I'm still solo.

I'm not certain when that will officially happen. Our next meeting is a Day of Recollection with Father Anthony, so no "meeting" per se. The next meeting is scheduled for February 26.

We talked about my struggles with prayer. Not making enough time. Not remaining focused - mind wandering.

I often say the rosary while driving, for example. It's hard to meditate on the mysteries while worrying about that semi on the right. And I tend to read the Bible before bed - when my brain drifts off because I'm tired.

Someone previously suggested the Liturgy of the Hours as one practice. I dug out my book and said the morning prayers today. I will try to do that every day - and to cut down on pre-dawn wasting of time on the computer.

I will try to read the Bible during the day - and to spend some time meditating.

I will try to get in a rosary when NOT driving.

I'm good at saying all the right things, so I can seem like I'm progressing. But I will not really grow unless my prayer life improves.

Pax et bonum

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Do Not Be Anxious said...

Starting the Liturgy of the Hours was a big step forward in my prayer life; the more I pray the Office, Morning and Evening prayers, the more they start to mean to me. I've been at it for about 20 years now. Now daily mass followed by a half hour of adoration is my norm, along with a few hours of late nite adoration. It does help you pray, and it does help you listen. I'm not sure which is more beneficial to me. I'm told my blogs help some open more to the idea of prayer, but it is a private thing, talking to God. Some of my posts are my conversations with him, but most are just insights I perceive while meditating on his love, which I am so undeserving of.