Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seeing Jesus in Others

Next Saturday I will make my profession as a member of the Secular Franciscan Order.

I am excited.

I am unworthy.

To prepare, I went to Confession today.

I've been troubled lately by the usual sins - the weaknesses that Satan uses to disturb my soul and to pry me away from the Lord.

One of those failings is being critical of others. I'm not talking about legitimately (and respectfully) pointing out errors for the purpose of helping others and advancing the Kingdom. I'm talking about all the pettiness, sarcasm, and negativity to which I am prone.

Father had a suggestion: Think of these people I'm criticising as Jesus. See Jesus in them.

I thought of some of the people I'm inclined to criticize. Ironically, one of them is the very priest to whom I was confessing!


Yes, He is indeed in each of these persons, and so when I mock, tear down, cling to ill-feelings, gossip about these others, I am doing it to Jesus.

Sorry Lord. Please, help me to be open to Your Saving Grace as I face these temptations. Help me to be aware that I am not alone.

Help me always to be aware that each person I meet is You.

Pax et bonum

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Ralf said...

I will be praing for your profession - and I know exactly what you are talking about: the sins of criticism, thinking of being smarter than others, knowing better and so forth.

I myself am a novice of the SFO (it is called OFS here in Germany) and glad to have you as a brother.