Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas indeed

The last few days have been joyful ones.

Friday night we went to a family Mass in a barn! It's an annual Christmas tradition on a farm near here, and a fellow teacher who's been involved for years invited me and my bride.

The barn was not heated - coats, hats, and gloves were the order of the day. There were two sheep in the barn who occasionally joined the singing, and a horse. The cows were just outside the door. The Christmas music was folksy - guitars and and a mandolin. The priest joined the musicians for a bluegrass/folk jam after the Mass.

It was wonderful. Maybe a new Christmas tradition for me.

Christmas Eve Day I did 8 hours as Santa's helper at the Mall, for the first time natural-bearded. A steady stream of people. It went smoothly and except for a slight discomfort from sitting for so long, enjoyable. I also found out that an interview I did with a local paper did get published and there I was on the front page with a large picture of me in costume talking to two children. Nice.

Last night, I was semi-awake for once and had a pleasant meal with bride, one daughter, and dad- and brother-in-law.

This morning, Christmas Day!, I was up three hours ahead of everyone else - typical of this early riser - and had some time for reading and thinking. Then opening some gifts, which included much Franciscan and Chestertonian. Ah.

Mass was joyful, and the cantor was wonderful. Her singing raised my spirits even more.

In laws return this afternoon, as will daughter 2. The rejoicing continues.

Pax et bonum

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