Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Blog is Evolving

When I began this blog, I was looking at it as a way to record my journey as a Secular Franciscan in formation. As of July 9, 2011, I've been a professed Secular Franciscan.


I used to have another personal blog, an older one that was often political in nature, and, to be honest, sometimes argumentative and less than charitable. I toned it down as I grew in my Franciscan vocation, but, as noted in other posts, I easily fall into the argumentative mode.

There's nothing wrong with discussing and debating issues. Indeed, many of those issues need to be addressed and confronted. But they have to be dealt with in a loving way more in keeping with my Franciscan vocation.

I closed that old blog due to a new job in which I have a very public face (after consulting with my new supervisor).

I kept this and a couple of other group blogs open (with permission). But I also distanced myself in several ways, changing the "name" that appears on my posts.

I've been thinking about some of the issues I've addressed in the past. Abortion. The Death Penalty. Unjust War. Social and Economic Justice. The Arts, and the Role of the Christian Artist. Church Practices. Morality. These topics still need to be addressed. So I've decided to begin to do so in this blog. But I will attempt to do so in a Franciscan style - raising issues, but always with love and charity. That means avoiding the sarcasm, the snide comments, the arrogant mocking tone to which I've been prone in the past.

I will sometimes fall short. But I hope that the Holy Spirit and Father Francis will provide frequent reminders to get me back on track.

Pax et bonum

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