Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lent is almost here

With Ash Wednesday coming next week, I've been thinking about what I'll do for Lent this year.

Traditionally, people make sacrifices - giving up something they like. Chocolate, coffee, television, whatever.

Nothing wrong with that - and sometimes giving up those things is really good and needed. I once used Lent as a way to begin a diet. (Hmm, maybe I need to think about doing that again!)

Years ago I also heard of a different approach: Taking on something new to help with spiritual growth. That's how I got in the habit of saying the rosary, for example.

This year, I'm going to try a combination.

I'm giving up Facebook for Lent. I spend too much time reading posts, responding to posts, composing my own posts, and so on. Plus, sometimes the things I see or read make me angry, and I find myself if not responding unkindly - though I sometimes do - at least thinking unkind thoughts.

Instead, I will use some of that time to become more regular about my Bible and spiritual reading. So in the morning, instead of turning on the computer after walking the dog I will sit down and begin my day with the Bible. And when I get home from work, I will grab some spiritual work and read for a few minutes.

Pax et bonum

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