Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stations of the Cross

Last night, my Franciscan fraternity meeting got cancelled. (It was the 50th wedding anniversary of two of our leaders, and the rest of the Fraternity leadership were invited to a surprise party for them.)

But for Lent my parish has scheduled a weekly Stations of the Cross. I suggested it to the good-looking-one, and we went.

What a nice experience.

The numbers were kept down perhaps by a winter storm just kicking in, but there were still a goodly number of people.

We used Everyone's Way of the Cross by Clarence Enzler. As we were praying, I began to wonder, because of the style of the writing and the nature of the prayers, when the book was published, so I looked at the title page. 1970 - as I suspected.

Still, the prayers worked. I got something out of them and the experience. It was good to pray and sing with other people.

Thank you, Lord.

I made sure to thank Father as we left. I'm hoping if he gets positive feedback we'll have even more "traditional" prayer opportunities at the parish.

As for the Stations, I'm likely to show up next Friday night.

Pax et bonum

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Barb, ofs said...

Our pastor made a booklet with about 10 different settings of the Stations (including the one you mention here). Each week, the priest or deacon leading the Stations chooses the setting he wishes to use--so over the course of Lent at our parish, we'll pray several different ones.
(Our Franciscan fraternity often turns out almost in force at Stations; the joke is that we could have a fraternity meeting right there because a quorum IS present.)