Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cancel my subscription

Our local newspaper had announced plans to raise subscription rates about one third. One of the reasons cited was that it was increasing its on-line platform, and that people would also be subscribing to that.

I wasn't interested in the on-line offerings, and didn't like the amount of the increase, so I decided  would just let my paid-in-advance subscription lapse.

Then came Mother's Day.

One of the newspaper's columnists wrote a piece about a Republican legislator who had broken with the party and been one of the key votes in legalizing same-sex so-called marriage in New York. As a result of that vote (and other actions on his part), the legislator had lost party and local support, and had decided not to run for reelection. But then the columnist went on to talk about his own mother who is now "married" to another woman, and in effect calling the legislator a hero for his vote.

In praise of homosexual marriage on Mother's Day?

I called the newspaper and cancelled my subscription, and asked them to refund the rest of my money. I told them why.

Today is the first day I don't have a copy of it to read. I'm writing this instead.

On the way to my retreat today maybe I'll buy a cup of coffee with the money I'm saving.

At least I won't have a reason to spit it up!

Pax et bonum