Sunday, June 10, 2012

Faithful, pro-life Democrats are moving on

Democrats leave party over marriage, religious freedom concerns :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

I was a Democrat from 1973-2007. I even tried organizing and working with Democrats for Life. I found I finally had to leave the party because of its increasingly anti-life, anti-faith positions.

I'm now registered with the Right to Life Party, which, in my home state, means I'm considered a "blank" - a member of no official party.

Pax et bonum


JCE said...

And quite a few pro-lifers are headed toward the Democratic party because it does a much better job (abortion stance notwithstanding) of actually protecting life from conception to natural death.

A Secular Franciscan said...

If some pro-lifers are going to the Democratic Party for the reason you state, then they are sadly misinformed. Speaking as someone who was a member of the Party for 34 years - and even a member of a city Democratic committee and an organizer for a state chapter of Democrats for Life - I have watched the party hold or adopt a number of anti-life positions over the years. The Party tends to support forms of birth control that kill the child, military action in even unjust situations, embryonic stem cell research, the death penalty, physician assisted suicide (with euthanasia creeping in), and so on.

Moreover, when talking about abortion, were talking about the murder of a million babies a year in the U.S., and support for the murder of millions more around the world. Millions of deaths: That trumps some of the others.

By the way: I'm not a Republican - I disagree with that Party on a number of life and social issues as well.

I just call myself a Catholic.