Sunday, July 1, 2012

For Greater Glory - wish it was a greater film

We begin July. I was thinking for a while that my Profession anniversary is July 11, but I looked it up and it's July 9. I wonder why the wrong date was in my mind. Wooul I forget my wedding anniversary? Or my wife's birthday? Or my own birthday?

Yesterday we went to see For Greater Glory as part of the local Festival for Freedom. I appreciate the intentions of the film, but as a film, it did not just make it. Too long, not focussed enough. It needed a rewrite - or better editing.

They would have been better with a clearer forcus on one character and showing how the uprising affected that character. Jose would have been a good choice. Even the general would have been acceptable - with more background on him to make us care about him.

I applaud the effort, but as a way to teach religious freedom it will probably fail because not enough people will be willing to sit through it. I went with the Good Looking One, and she spent the last half of the movie fidgetting and looking around the room. They lost her.

I did get a button: Stop the HHS Mandate -  Stand up for Religious Freedom. I proudly wore it to Mass today.

Pax et bonum

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