Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fall Makes Us Shallow

As I was walking the dog, I got to thinking:

In our fallen state, we don't generally become obviously evil. Most of us just live shallow lives, choosing to do what's easiest, what requires the least amount of thought or self-sacrifice, and what provides the most immediate gratification. 

Think of all the ways we fail to live lives worthy of Christians. We turn to sex, drugs, skipping church, not praying, being glued to television or movies or games, and so on. We choose what feels good at the moment, or that which is the least challenging.

It is only when we are touched by the spirit - because we've hit bottom, because we realize we have no direction, or because we are inspired by some idea or heroic person - that we seek to grow spiritually. 

The dog, of course, was unaware of all this.

Pax et bonum

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kam said...

:...just live shallow lives.." What a beautiful choice of words, and so true. All the old adages are so true, 'live a holy life', 'pray constantly', 'keep your head down, eyes averted', these are time-tested ways to keep ourselves on the narrow path. "Where is that path, I've fallen off again!!" Thanks for all the posts. k