Saturday, December 8, 2012

Light one (real) candle

Yesterday as part of a staff retreat a group of us said a Scriptural version of the Luminous Mysteries. We were in one of the Middle School classrooms where there is a statue of Mary in front of a screen full of those battery-powered flickering votive candles. We turned off the classroom lights, closed the shades, and turned on the votive candles.

It was lovely, and wonderful to pray with some fellow teachers.

But as lovely as it was, I was thinking of real candles.

So many places have gone to these battery-powered candles. They probably save money and are safer, but they lack the beauty of real candles.

The scent. The flickering light. The flame. The smoke. There's an earthy and primitive and sacred feel to all that - a link to centuries of prayer and devotion.

Technology is wonderful. And the prayers were said were real and heart-felt.

But sometimes I feel as if we are losing a part of that devotional link.

I think later I'll light a candle.

A real one.

Pax et bonum


Do Not Be Anxious said...

It was only this past year that my parish added the small vigil and the larger candles on either side of the statue of Mary. I never fail to light a small one before Sunday mass. She has been so good to me.

And you are right, there is nothing like lighting the candle, seeing its flicker, and even seeing its waning moments. It seems to tell a story of life, that I want linked to Mary and her Son.

Barb, ofs said...

I'll probably never do it, but every Advent my kids' shenanigans over the Advent wreath and candles have me threatening to buy electronic ones next year. And it's worse as they get older! I can hardly wait until Friday when the oldest gets home from college...