Friday, June 28, 2013

Support our so-called marriage - or else (Our St. Thomas More future)

The Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8 weren't really a surprise. As a history/government teacher I figures DOMA would go down as marriage laws are state matters, not federal (unless, for example, civil rights are involved). I also understand the Prop 8 "decision" - though I think that one was more problematic and legitimately could have gone very differently.

But ...

Even though I am not surprised, I think the decisions are part of a trend in our country. We are moving towards "acceptance" of legal - but not natural or moral - homosexual so-called marriage.

That's bad enough, but things are going to get worse for people of faith.

As has already happened, people of faith, Churches, and church organizations will come under increasing attacks to go along with the rest of society. There are and will be even more lawsuits. Florists. Photographers. Inns. Wedding planners. Party house, camp ground, historic site owners/operators. Priests and deacons. Churches. More. They will be sued.

At first we might win some, but the attrition will eat away at resources.

Despite President Obama's risible promise, the government will back the homosexual agenda and go after the churches.

Meanwhile, the homosexual tide will sweep along the polygamists, the polyamorists, the pedophiles. Maybe not immediately, maybe sooner rather than later for some, but the push and the lawsuits will start. I've already heard of the polygamists celebrating homosexual victories because they see the door opening for them.

Perhaps we needed some shaking up. Perhaps those people who mix faith with party/patriotism/Americanism will be forced to recognize that they've been trying to render unto both Caesar and to God - and Caesar has been winning. And, of course, behind Caesar lies the evil one - laughing.

 At the least, those of us not directly involved in the church, marriage, or service industries will likely face ridicule and insults. Some of us may even face loss of jobs because even if we are not saying anything openly against the new perverse agenda, we will be required to support and promote it. Even silence will be viewed with suspicion.

Think of St. Thomas More. He did everything to avoid making any kind of public statement or openly show opposition, yet he was condemned because of his silence.

That's our future.

Pax et bonum

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