Sunday, July 21, 2013

Starting the day right

Part of my summer reflections is my need for more consistent prayer and spiritual reading. This past week I took one step: I began saying morning prayers again.

I used to say morning prayers, but fell out of the habit. I was getting too caught up in last minute preparations for school - typing or finishing another worksheet, looking up something I need for class, whatever - and, sadly, checking e-mail, facebook, sports, and so on. Suddenly time is gone, and I need to get in the shower, dress and get to school.

I am a lazy, easily distracted person.

God should come first.

Well, except for the dog, who has been waiting for me to get up and is staring at the door. She is, after all, God's creature. 

Reading about Pope Francis's morning routine inspired me. So now I get up, take the dog for a walk, come back, make a cup of coffee, sit down, and say the morning prayers.

I'm hoping that if I get in the habit over the summer, I will be able to continue it when school starts. It will help me to being the day right, and, I pray, give me strength for the day.

Meanwhile, I continue to read the Bible at night before turning out the light. And I say the rosary each day.

It's a start - but God deserves so much more.

Pax et bonum

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