Friday, February 21, 2014

He ain't heavy - well, actually, he is

I never could master yo-yo's. Always got them tangled or twisted. Tricks? Heck, I'd love just to keep one going for up-and-down more than a couple of times.

But when it comes to weight - I'm a yo-yo veteran.

I've been up and down so many times over the years. My current uptick has me about 50 pounds above my wedding day weight (which was just about ideal for my height). No, I don't blame my wife and her good cooking.

It's sitting around.


More sitting.


Yet more sitting.

And chocolate, milk shakes, chips, etc.

And, of course, sitting.

So I need to cut down on the food and get more exercise.

My goal is actually not drastic - 50 pounds by next Christmas. Five pounds a month - not a sudden crash diet.

Lent is a good time to help me get serious. 40 days away from all those tempting treats.

But I start today.

Pax et bonum

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Do Not Be Anxious said...

Ah, I tried for 20 pound loss by last Christmas; got the 10 fast and then got stuck there. This Lent I am fasting from all meats (it will be a fishy time for me) AND alcohol -- no more glass of wine at night. That WILL be a fast, and a help on weight loss.

Oh, and I will be joining a gym with a personal trainer for about 6 months of so. So it'll cost me a few hundred bucks, but I won't have to police myself; he will also. (Besides, I plan to get half way serious about playing a few more rounds of golf this summer.)

Or that is the plan ...