Wednesday, November 26, 2014

On Ferguson ... and lying

I'm tired of all the racial hoopla.

There's too much lying going on.

Yes: Racism and bigotry exist.

But it goes both ways these days.

And too often, it's used as an excuse for not getting off your butt and making something of your life.

Many minority groups have faced discrimination. My own Irish ancestors did. But instead of sitting around and just decrying what was, some of them did something about it. Legally. Thoughtfully. Deliberately.

They went to school - often to substandard ones - and actually learned something and even graduated. They got jobs, even if the jobs were menial and low-paying. They got married before starting families. They did not buckle to the abuse, but they knew when to pick fights and how to fight strategically. They knew when to speak and how to speak respectfully, and when to keep their mouths shut.

Yes, there were criminals and drunks and drop-outs and those who did use discrimination as an excuse. But they were not the ones who lead. They were viewed with shame and embarrassment.

The rest moved on - and up.

Dr. King knew what he was doing. Follow his lead. Speak out, but in a way that addresses the issues in a rational way, in a way that does not seek to shut down - or shout down - others. He was willing to put his life on the line and face legal consequences for his actions. He was himself: He didn't hide behind masks. Or look for cameras to scream and carry on.

He was no coward.

He stood for the truth.

Robbing stores to "protest" injustice is a lie.

Burning innocent peoples' cars to voice frustration at discrimination is a lie.

Throwing bricks through windows or at people - including police - to voice anger is a lie.

Racism is a horrible thing and must be opposed, but using it as an excuse for bad behavior is a lie.

Quit lying.

Pax et bonum

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