Saturday, November 8, 2014

Victory for prolifers and those heeding Catholic teachings? Well ...

This past week's election saw a number of pro-life candidates winning, and number of blatantly pro-abortion candidates losing. In addition, some folks are suggesting Catholic or Catholic-supported candidates did well.

Is this a positive sign for 2016?

I'd like to hope so, but I'm not that optimistic.

This time around I think it was a combination of good pro-life and poor pro-abortion candidates, anti-Obama/anti-Democratic Party sentiments, and unease about the current world situation due to such things as the Ebola hype and terrorists.

I don't think that will hold in 2016. If the Democrats put up a charismatic candidate and the Republicans put up a bland one, the voters will ignore positions on moral issues and abortion and vote for the candidate of the party of death.

Plus, while some winning candidates this time around seem to pay lip service to moral and life issues, how many of them will actually try to do anything once sworn in? We've seen that not happen before - all too often.

Pro-lifers need to work even harder; Catholic leaders need to wood even harder; moral leaders need to work even harder.

If we just sit back and rest on our current "success," the pro-abortion forces will come back.

Pax et bonum


Do Not Be Anxious said...

I'm not overly optimistic based on the results of this election. Nothing core has changed, least of all among Catholics, who are one of the most solid blocks of the Democratic party.

Am attending a second meeting of a local SFO group tomorrow. Maybe I'll decide to continue onward and become a candidate, but I'm still up in the air.

A Secular Franciscan said...

I'll keep you in my prayers.