Saturday, April 4, 2015

Face palm time - again (liturgical violations)

The Good Looking One and I decided to go to our parish for Good Friday services rather than the Trappist Abbey we've been going to for years on Good Friday. We've been more comfortable lately at the parish as some of the liturgical improprieties have been corrected (after questions by me, and I suspect word from the chancery).

One of the violations had been lay preaching.

I got uneasy a few weeks ago when at a Mass honoring teens Father gave a short homily, then allowed one of the teens to speak during the homily time - instead of at the appropriate time at the beginning or end of Mass. I meant to say something to Father, but didn't get a chance after that Mass, and then time passed, and, well, it seems Father gets a troubled look on his face when I approach him - too many questions on my part? So I said nothing, hoping it was an anomaly. Sigh - a sin of omission?

Anyway, after the Gospel readings concluded Good Friday, the priest and deacon sat, and the religious sister who had been the main lay preaching culprit got up and delivered a brief talk. During the time in missalette that clearly said "homily." While the priest and deacon sat.

Now I know that the Good Friday service isn't a Mass, but it is clearly not one of the services when lay preaching is allowed. I went home and did some research - and it is not permitted for a lay person to preach at the service, especially with a priest and a deacon present.

Is the pastor stretching the rules as he has been done before? And this comes on top of that teen preaching. What more violations or stretching will there be?

Do I say something to him, or have we gotten beyond that? Do I just write to the bishop with questions?  Mulling over what to do.

But, as I sat there, my heart closed to the parish again. The positive feelings that had grown after many of the abuses ceased last fall disappeared.

I will not be rejoining the choir - I don't want to get caught like this again. I will continue to go to the parish when the music group I am in is playing, but otherwise I will minimize my attendance at this particular church - there are other options. As for the collection basket - my funds will go elsewhere.

Pax et bonum


kam said...

In a way it is unfortunate that these things happen but happen they will; the Church, the Mass of today allows (not a good word), lends itself to these abuses. God is always calling us, drawing us to the Truth. May I be so bold to say perhaps your time with the Novus Ordo Mass is coming to a close and a more Traditional Mass is in the future. Hoping for a Blessed and Hioly Saturday and a Happy Easter.

A Secular Franciscan said...

The issue is not Novus Ordo - it's violation of the rules in place for Novus Ordo. I've been to fine Norvus Ordo Masses. It comes down to the orthodoxy of the priest leading the Mass.

A Blessed and Holy Saturday and a Happy Easter to you, too!