Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Governor Pence bans all official travel to New York

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has announced a ban on government-funded travel to New York by Indiana state employees.

Until further notice, Indiana state employees will not be approved to travel to New York for conferences, workshops, or meetings connected with their state jobs. The ban does not cover individuals traveling to New York for personal reasons and at their own expense.

"We are concerned about the values represented by conditions in New York," Governor Pence explained. "We believe those values counter those held by the people of Indiana, and as public representatives of the people we should not give the impression that we condone or accept New York's values."

The governor cited violent crime statistics and high std rates connected with New York, and corruption by New York officials and employees as some of the signs that the state does not share the values of the people of Indiana. He also noted that the last three governors of New York, including current Governor Andrew Cuomo, have been guilty of sexual activities that run counter to the values of the people of Indiana.

"We will consider removing the ban when New York and its political leaders set more appropriate examples," the governor said.

The ban follows a ban issued by New York Governor Cuomo on New York state employees traveling to Indiana in light of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Governor Pence denied any connection between his action and that of Governor Cuomo.

"My concern is entirely about the moral values of the people of my state and the fact the New York through its actions and policies does not share those values," he said.

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