Thursday, July 16, 2015

A few prolife poems

The recent revelation that Planned Parenthood has been selling aborted baby body parts prompted a number of exchanges on social media - you know I couldn't keep quiet! - and even a couple of bad haiku:

Planned Parenthood has
baby body parts for sale –
Swift sues for a cut

Planned Parenthood has
baby body parts for sale –
zombies lining up

Not good, I know. But topical.

And then there are two clerihews:

Dr. Mary Gatter
was coy and even joked amid the chatter,
but her haggling over the price of a baby's heart or liver
made me shiver.

Dr. Mary Gatter
treated it as a laughing matter,
but sell enough baby parts, even that teenie,
and you might afford a Lamborghini.

And a new one:

Hitler and Stalin
were bawlin'.
It seems abortion doctors had outdone
their best efforts with gas, bomb, and gun.

Those efforts made me wonder about other pro-life poems I've written. A few I recall:

nurse avoids looking
in garbage pail she empties –
abortion clinic

praying pro-lifers –
girl entering the clinic
avoids eye contact

Mass for life –
tearful woman prays for
child she did not have

Holy Saturday –
praying at Planned Parenthood
for the emptied wombs

I'm pretty sure there are more. I will search for them. There's also a couple of songs I wrote for a 40 Days for Life opening rally. I need to find those! 
Pax et bonum

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