Saturday, July 4, 2015

Holidaze ...

I like most holidays. They give us a chance to celebrate important people and events.

Fourth of July. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New years. Easter. Labor Day. Memorial Day. Birthdays get in the mix, too. 

I enjoy small family gatherings, simple meals with maybe some special foods, carrying on traditions, watching a favorite movie. We've had a number of those, and those are the ones I remember best.

Alas, sometimes the celebrating part that sometimes gets to me, though, especially when they involve others from outside the family.

Fireworks that frighten the dog. Lots of people who stay and stay when I'd really rather be alone. Cards and e-mails sent out of obligation and not always out of real desire. Neighbors' loud late night parties with bonfires, fireworks, and yelling as I try to sleep.

And sometimes my poor wife gets in a dither, especially after she became the "matriarch" of the family. She feels obliged to prepare an elaborate feast with multiple dishes, and since there are no other moms in the family any more, she prepares it all herself. I offer to help - no, she wants to do it. I suggest we cut down on the numbers invited or the amount of food prepared . Oh no, we can't leave anyone out, and we need to have enough to feed everyone and send them home with leftovers.

I invariable get called in when she gets behind and overwhelmed, or forgot something from the store. We invariably toss out leftovers that didn't get eaten after a week has passed. She invariable gets mad on the day and mad at the waste when the excess food gets tossed, and complains that she's done, someone else has to host this from now on, she getting too old, etc., etc.

And the next holiday ... she wants to do it again.,

What I'd like is a quiet day. Just the wife, the dog, and me. A simple meal. A glass of beer (or wine for the wife). A favorite movie.

And no neighbors imposing their noisy brand of celebrating.

That would be a real holiday.

Pax et bonum

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