Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More on the Fraternity (Added content)

Well, I got the call. A message on the machine.

I've been suggested for either Secretary or Vice Minister in the upcoming elections. I don't know if I'm still suggested for Council - only those offices were mentioned.

Still mulling.

Secretary? Given my disorganized ways?

Vice Minister? Knowing the Minister will likely be up for her second term, and thus given the two-term limit would mean there's a good chance I'd be up for Minister in three years?


I did not call back. We have a Council meeting Friday.

Still mulling.

Later ...

Got an e-mail after the call. Part of it read:

"Have you been thinking about the other nominations?
Vice minister, treasurer,secretary,
Counseled ."

I responded:

"My basic attitude has not changed.
There are better people for each of the offices than I - especially when it comes to our current Secretary and Vice Minister. There are people within the Fraternity who have the practical skills and the spiritual depth.
My preference would be to hold no office - unless we could come up with a "Porter" or "Doorkeeper" position!
That said, I will abide by whatever the Spirit and the Fraternity decide."

To which she gave a response that sounded like maybe they wouldn't nominate me - or just have me as the required second candidate put up to make the election of the main candidate legit.

Hey - maybe it worked! 

Pax et bonum

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