Saturday, March 5, 2016

Responsible posting

Over at Facebook a few of my friends like to repost memes from a group called Occupy Democrats. After putting up with and attempting to respond to some of those posts, I have finally "hidden" (i.e. - blocked) such memes.

From their site's very name you can tell there's a bias. I can handle that. But the unfair and inaccurate comments proved too much of a temptation to me to think unkind things and to argue (one of my failings).

It's one thing to point out what a politician/public figure/organization has said or done - that's fair game. It's another to stereotype or paint with a broad brush an entire group. There a certain irony to it in fact. A group that would decry such actions towards say Hispanics, or Immigrants, or Homosexuals, seems to have no problem doing exactly the same thing to Republicans, or Conservatives, or Prolifers.

It's also troubling to me that some of us who claim to be people of faith and who even work for religious organizations repost such unfair, inaccurate, and even unchristian items from OD and other groups (on both sides of the political spectrum). I know I have sometimes failed in this area. I constantly have to ask myself if I am being a good witness to my faith, and I have sometimes gone back and corrected or removed things I've posted.

So all of us - yes, myself included - need to be careful what we post or repost, and to ask ourselves: Is this in keeping with the faith we claim to follow?

Pax et bonum

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