Friday, April 8, 2016

The Gospel According to Joe (Very Aprocryphal)

The Gospel According to Joe
(A very apocryphal work)

And it came to pass that some of the followers of John, along with several scribes and Pharisees, came to John and spoke to him.

"Teacher, you are correct about Herod and his sin. But he is the King, and so what he does is legal because he is the law. And what he does is part of the spirit of the times, anyway. We men of faith will not be able to change it any time soon, or change the minds of those like the King who are not likely to listen.

"Rather than speaking out, it would be better if you stuck to praying. You should just continue baptizing, calling on people who come to you by their own volition to repent, and otherwise saying positive and affirming things. Leave the sinners to God. By speaking out so strongly you may turn people off, and may lead them to dismiss you and us. Yea, they may even attack you and us.

"After all, it's a personal, private decision by the King. Certainly not something to lose our heads over."

Pax et bonum

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