Saturday, April 30, 2016

To coast or not to coast

Mulling over not working.

Well, not NOT WORKING, but not working where I currently work, or even working in a regular full-time job. (Except, maybe, at one particular orthodox Catholic school - but that one does not seem to be hiring right now.)

When my parents passed they left enough money to pay off all the major bills - mortgage, cars, etc. I am currently debt free.

There was also extra money remaining. There's enough that I could stop working for a couple of years and still be able to pay all my bills, especially if I simplify. There's enough that if I worked part-time I might be able to coast for several years until I can start collecting Social Security and IRA/pension income.

Of course, that money in the bank is my cushion money - money to supplement all the retirement income, and so if I use it now I won't have it then.

But ...

What if I used this as a time to push my free-lance writing, to finish that novel, to polish and market the plays I finished, to devote more time to Santa gigs? What writer would not like a year or two to be free just to write?

The big bugaboo is health insurance. If Nancy still has a job, she could add me to her health insurance, and I could pay her the difference in premiums. But that puts a burden on her, and she might not be happy if I were not working a regular job. Of course, if I used the time to also get some painting, repair, and housework projects done around here that might help make it more palatable to her!

If she is not happy about the insurance issue, I could go on one of the health exchanges - that would be a few thousand a year until I qualify for Medicare.

I've estimated the amount I'd need to survive for a year even if I was on an exchange. With a part-time job, Santa, and writing sales, it would be even easier.

And if I finish that novel and it sells, it could be a good gamble.

What to do? 

Pax et bonum

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