Saturday, May 14, 2016

All Trumped out - I'm leaning toward Joe

I admit it.

I am burned out on politics.

I followed the current slog to the nominations with decreasing interest as candidates I thought I could support gradually fell by the wayside, and the horror of whom the major parties seemed determined to nominate became more real.

It's looking like Trump vs Hillary - neither of whom I can support or vote for.

I know the arguments about picking the lesser evil or at least voting to lessen the evil - but to me either way means voting for evil.

Hillary is just too rigid - and wrong - in some of her beliefs. And Trump - who can tell what he really believes other than in drawing attention to himself?

I know, that sounds a little snarky, but frankly, I'm all Trumped out. All I have been able to muster lately are a few political clerihews, such as this most recent one:

"John Miller"
 provided Trump filler.
Asked if it was really he, Trump said, "I don't sound like me,
that is, he isn't he, I mean, me."

Right now -  and given the state in which I live - my vote is not likely to count anyway, so I'm leaning toward a write-in candidate, Joe Schriner, a consistent life Catholic. (Yes, consistent life on issues like abortion, the death penalty, unjust war, euthanasia, and more. Not like those lip-service so-called prolife candidates who support abortion under some circumstances, and of course support the death penalty, questionable military action, and so on.) I agree with him on issue after issue, so I can honestly say I'd be voting for a candidate I like and respect.

Pax et bonum


Keystone28 said...

I can wholly relate to your feelings. Isnt it sad to think that out there -somewhere- is a candidate who would be great for us, yet they'll never be elected because they dont have the funding? I hate to sound so down, but I truly believe we live in a plutocracy, and not a democracy, no matter how bad we'd like to believe otherwise.

Yeah, Im going to write someone in as well.

A Secular Franciscan said...

It is a dilemma. I really am seriously considering Joe - I'm hoping a party will endorse him, too. (The American Solidarity party did once, hoping they will do so again. As for me, I'm registered in a 3rd party - the Right to Life Party - but since it does not have a ballot line in New York I'm listed as an independent.

Anonymous said...

My state doesn't allow write-ins - I'm going to have to leave the Presidential portion blank.

A Secular Franciscan said...

Sorry to hear that Anonymous. Maybe a third party will endorse someone you can vote for - that happened with the American Solidarity Party and Schriner back in 2012.