Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trumped out redux - moving beyond Joe to the ASP?

I posted some of this earlier - but there have been developments since. ...

I earlier admitted that I was burned out on politics - at least burned out given the nature of the campaign thus far this year.

I had followed the current slog to the nominations with decreasing interest as candidates I thought I could support gradually fell by the wayside, and with increasing horror at the thought of whom the major parties seemed determined to nominate.

It's still looking like Trump vs Hillary - neither of whom I can support or vote for.

I know the arguments about picking the lesser evil or at least voting to lessen the evil - but to me either way means voting for evil.

Hillary is just too rigid - and wrong - in some of her beliefs, especially when it comes to moral issues. And Trump - who can tell what he really believes other than in drawing attention to himself?

I know, that sounds a little snarky, but frankly, I long ago got all Trumped out. All I have been able to muster lately are a few political clerihews, such as this one:

"John Miller"
 provided Trump filler.
Asked if it was really he, Trump said, "I don't sound like me,
that is, he isn't he, I mean, me."

Given the state in which I live - NY, where the Democratic candidate has won easily every year since 1984 - my vote is not likely to count anyway, so I had been leaning toward a write-in candidate, Joe Schriner, a consistent life Catholic. (Yes, consistent life on issues like abortion, the death penalty, unjust war, euthanasia, and more. Not like those lip-service so-called prolife candidates who support abortion under some circumstances, and of course support the death penalty, questionable military action, and so on.) I agree with him on issue after issue, so I can honestly say I'd be voting for a candidate I like and respect.

BUT, since finding him I've discovered another alternative.

The American Solidarity Party.  The party was created in 2011 as the Christian Democratic Party USA  and endorsed Schriner in it's first presidential campaign back in 2012. After that election, the party changed its name to the ASP, and has been slowly growing . Now it is planning to hold a nominating convention in July. They may nominate Schriner again, but it increasingly looks like they are trying to name one of their own in an attempt to grow the party. That makes sense.

The ASP is, like Schriner, promoting a platform that is very Catholic when if comes to social, moral, and economic issues. It's a rational and more centrist alternative to the two extreme major parties.

Yes, the third party arguments can get tossed out again, but isn't it time we stopped being duped by the major parties? The Republican Party began as a small third party, so the ASP may have a chance to become a major player down the road.

I registered with the party and said I'd even be open to running for local office as an ASP candidate. A party leader then contacted me and asked if I'd consider tossing my hat in the ring for President. I suspect it was just to get a couple of possible candidates for the convention. At the very least, the candidate will have no chance this year, so it's more just to have a face and a name to help the party get some recognition.

I understand that goal, but I declined the offer. I'm not a serious candidate for such an office, there are a number of better qualified folks in the party already, I can't see me hitting the campaign trail given my reserved ways, and, the last point, the wife was not enthusiastic! But I would be willing to help them organize locally.

The logo of the party is a pelican, a traditional Christian symbol of charity, by the way.

So, looks like I will be involved in politics in some capacity. And it looks like I will be able to actually be happy about supporting a Presidential candidate.


Sounds good to me! 

Pax et bonum


gordon wendling said...

Listen, if you don't vote for trump, or dont vote at all same thing, you will have hillary filling the supreme court with liberals who are against religous freedom... good luck with that!

A Secular Franciscan said...

In New York Hillary will win no matter how I vote, so I am safe to vote third party. Were I in a different state it might be different. But as for Trump, I can't support him. I simply do not trust him or believe his promises. I view both him and Hillary as unacceptable options, and I can't bring myself to vote for "evil."