Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pro-lifers are only pro-birth? Hardly

Anyone who is outspokenly pro-life has encountered some variation of the argument, "You prolifers are only concerned about the baby being born, but don't care about the child after."

It's an argument designed to insult prolifers  - an ad hominem attack - and to steer the discussion away for the central issue: Abortion kills a human being.

Through ChurchPop I encountered one good response to this argument, "Seven Arguments to the 'Pro-lifers" are just Pro-birth' argument," by Joe Heschmeyer.

Joe's seven points:

1. Even if the argument were true, it would be ridiculous.
2. The argument is logically fallacious.
3. The argument is unspeakably melodramatic.
4. The argument is hypocritical.
5. The argument is more than a little condescending.
6. The argument is demonstrably false.
7. The real debate is about the means, not the ends.

Read the rest over at Shameless Popery.

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