Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump is impacting my life!

I have to admit it: President Donald Trump is having a negative impact on my life.

No, it's not because his orders are giving me visa problems. Nor have I been a target of any of his tweets.

Technically, it's not because of anything he has done that is directly affecting me.

It's because people who hate him and his policies are so passionate about their views.

If you dare say anything positive about him, they often go on the attack and question your morals or your sanity. Or they avoid you.

And then many otherwise nice people are now spouting or posting such intemperate - and sometimes grossly inaccurate - comments about him. Normally rational people have become reactionary, some resorting to insults and foul language.

Mind you, I didn't support him or vote for him. I am opposed to some of the things he has done or has proposed. I have no problem with criticism of his words and actions, but I do with intemperate castigation of them, or with personal attacks.

What all this has done is cause me regularly to back off commenting when I'm tempted to do so. And I've had to bite my tongue (or typing fingers) when I see or hear unfair and inaccurate comments from others. This is hard, because I tend to be an outspoken sort. I enjoy a healthy give-and-take.

I've even unfriended or unfollowed some people on social media because of the nature of their remarks, or to avoid becoming uncharitable in my responses and losing friends.

Further, this has led me to avoid gatherings where I know certain topics will come up. When I think about going to an event, a folk concert or coffee house or music swap just to name a few, I weigh the risks of having the event ruined because others must vent, and so I choose not to attend or tune in.  The same goes for some of the public affairs programs I often watch. I now don't tune in, or change the channel.

I'm discovering there are some great shows of the Food Channel.

Or maybe they just seem great these days.

I don't mind political humor or friendly debates. There are some people - Rob Cullivan, for example - who can carry on debates in a respectful and entertaining manner.

Part of the problem is that so many of my friends are of a liberal or artistic ilk. The painters and poets and musicians and social activists and educators I number among my friends tend to oppose him. And the passion that inspires them in their creativity seems to be focused on him now.

Maybe this is for the best. I waste too much time on politics. I should spend more on prayer, or school work, or good reading.

These days it IS a curse to live in interesting times!

Pax et bonum

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