Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reading on, keeping on

After finishing the Aquinas novel (de Wohl's The Quiet Light), I'm going with something more spiritual (and Franciscan) as a prelude to Lent: Poetry As Prayer: Saint Francis of Assisi by Father Murray Bodo, OFM.

I've read some of Father Bodo's other Franciscan writings, and I am enjoying this so far. I've read many reflections on St. Francis before, but none focusing on the poetry of his life and prayers.

Otherwise, the usual - praying outside Planned Parenthood (today in pouring, chilling rain - offered it up), and wasting time on social media fighting the cultural wars. Gotta cut down on that.

In addition, there are more developments with The Margaret Home. After last weeks tour that got us all excited, we got the engineer's report. All sorts of work needed - the cost will be in the tens of thousands. Well, we did expect some hurdles. This may be the first of many.

Prayer for the Margaret Home

St. Margaret of Cortona, you gave yourself to the crucified Christ in thanksgiving for his love and mercy. We ask your prayers for this home, which bears your name, that it may be a refuge for those in need and a sign of Christ’s love and mercy and a sanctuary where your children are welcomed and protected. O glorious St. Margaret, present this request to your crucified Lord and ours. May your example guide us, and your support protect us. Be our ...companion, we beg you, until we reach our Father’s house. Amen

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.
St. Margaret of Cortona, pray for us. 

Pax et bonum

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