Sunday, February 19, 2017

Progress on the Margaret Home

As I've noted before, I'm part of a group of people creating a home for women in crisis pregnancies in Rochester, NY. The Margaret Home - named after St. Margaret of Cortona, the patron saint of single mothers - is intented to provide a place for young women to live for a year or two while having their babies and get the support they need while getting their lives in order - school, job, finding a place to live, whatever.

This is a pro-life ministry.

We incorporated as a not-for-profit late last year, received tax exempt status (donations are deductable), and created a board. We contacted similar homes/programs to get their advice and expertise.

We just toured a former convent that looks like a possible good site for the home. The price is reasonable - thanks to the generosity of the order that currently owns the convent - and the building seems in good shape. We are now planning to arrange for an engineer's inspection to find out what else might need to be done and if it will work for what we plan to do. We are also developing a business plan to cover not only what would be needed to fix anything that needs to be repaired, but also upgrading as needed, furnishing the house, and so on. We also need to contact the village where the convent is and the neighbors to find out (and address) their concerns.
But if all goes well, and the cost is not prohibitive, we are leaning toward making an offer.

We need prayers.

Further, even though many people have been donating all or part of their services, there are still costs. Mailings, printing, legal services, even something as simple buying coffee and donuts for an open house for the neighbors should we pursue this house, all require money. If you are so inclined, donations would be welcome.

But again, even more important, keep us - and the women and children - in your prayers.

Pax et bonum

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