Sunday, September 26, 2010

How do I spend my time?

During formation on Friday, we talked about evangelization. A good discussion.

Then up to an activity recommendation that I work out "a possible schedule of how (I) might be able to tithe one-tenth of (my) waking hours in service to the Church and/or in bringing a Christian spirit to society with a conscious effort."

Ten percent of my waking hours? That works out to about 1.6 hours a day (1 hour, 36 minutes).
Just over 11 hours per week.

My formation director was hard pressed himself to come up with how one might do that if one does not include prayer time. Our days are so full of work, family activities, and so on.

I can easily see that some days I hit the mark. I'm in two music groups at Church - each practices 1 1/2- 2 hours every week except summers. On weeks when Rock of Faith is playing, I'm putting in 3-4 hours (not including Mass time). I'm involved with 40 Days for Life, both as part of the starring committee, and in prayer in front of Planned Parenthood. That works out to at least one hour a week from August to the end of October, and two or more hours during the actual campaign.

But even if you include travel time for all these activities, that still does not average out to
more than 11 hours a week.

I pointed out at some of my online activities might qualify. After all, I am a writer, and even worked as a Catholic journalist for many years. When I blog or post on Facebook about Franciscan activities, Church music, spirituality, or social and political issues, I am helping to evangelize. (Of course, time spent on games, fantasy sports, chit-chatting with friends, posting silly poems don't count, etc.!)

Still not enough.

Finally I noted that to meet such a goal, one has to reorient one's life to reduce activities that don't advance the Kingdom. One must make more time activities that serve the church and and advance the Christian spirit.

But isn't that the point of a vocation to the Secular Franciscan life? it's not just a social activity. I am in formation for an order.

So maybe I really do need to spend less time fiddling about online, or watching television, or reading junk. If I am to be a follower of Francis, I must follow him in his dedication to the Lord.

Pax et bonum

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kam said...

Great questions that we've all asked at different times in our journey. For me, when we (my wife and I)were called to inquire on the Franciscan life I for one, couldn't even begin to realize the change that was to come. Granted, everyone is different, and God uses each of us differently to advance the kingdom. As we turn our inner ear more toward Him He will, in His great love grant us the graces to escape, so to speak, from the bonds that hold us to this secular world. I found my life slowly turned completly around. T.V.? Down to maybe 10 minutes of news at night. EWTN occasionally. Reading material? I won't even go into that. What I'm saying is give Our Lord time. Stay in prayer all day, no matter what you do, and you will be rewarded. k